We provide professional, customer focused services.

We offer the following professional and affordable services and are equipped with the knowledge and the necessary equipment to do any tree service safely. We are fully insured for peace of mind.

Problem Tree Removal

Tree Removal

We remove any problem that have a potential danger to cause damage to property. Drain pipes. Boundary walls or any structure.

Stump and Root Removal

Stump and Root

We are fully equipped to remove stumps and roots system specifically were cleints want to build or where water / drainage pipes are under the soil. If the stumps / root system is too big to be taken out by hand we will be doing stump grinding. Stump grinding is a power tool that removes tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc that chips away the wood. Alternatively if the work scope provides it we also make the use of a TLB.

Trimming Pruning Shaping of Trees

Trimming / Pruning
and Shaping of Trees

Trimming and pruning are excellent aspects of landscaping services. While tree trimmingis essentially applied to shrubs and hedges, pruning is meant for trees and shrubs. Bothtree services are performed at different times using different equipment to make the garden aesthetic and healthy.

Palm Care Dead Leaf Removal

Palm Care and
Dead Leaf Removal

Palm tree with dead leaves looks drab and forgotten in the landscape. Dead palm leaves are a major fire hazard and provide habitat for insects and rodents, but you can prune the dead leaves. Only remove leaves that are completely dead because dying fronds continue to photosynthesize and provide nutrients such as phosphorous to support new growth.

Site Clearance


We are fully equipped to do site clearance for residential cleints and developers for new housing projects.

Seasonal Dried Firewood

Seasonal Dried

We reuse all the tree material - stumps and branches all are cut up the 25cm length and chopped up to dry and are sold as firewood in the winter. We are also stocking large amount of hardwood such as sekelbos, swarthak rooibos that we are getting from Limpopo.

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